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Christian Wagner 01/06/12 01:06 PM

Westland Covers Coheed and Cambria
Purevolume got Westland to cover Coheed and Cambria's "A Favor House Atlantic." You can watch it here.

White 01/06/12 01:12 PM


Patton Oswalt on bass.

SteveD 01/06/12 01:19 PM

So surprised that this wasn't a terrible cover.

Good job.

downrightamazed 01/06/12 01:19 PM

Uhm, why does this exist?
It's requested because people thought it'd sound exactly like the original and behold!;It sounds _exactly_ like the original.

priceofsilver 01/06/12 01:26 PM

forgot how good this song is.

NoUse2808 01/06/12 01:30 PM

solid cover

Buscemi Knows Best 01/06/12 01:31 PM

solid cover, but sweet heavens are those vocals overproduced. doesn't even sound like a person singing.

agl 01/06/12 01:33 PM

Wow! Almost as good as the original.

crutchfield 01/06/12 01:39 PM

I love coheed and hope they release some music by summer

sjb2k1 01/06/12 01:49 PM

he wanted to prove he didn't sound like claudio? ha

formated4tv 01/06/12 01:49 PM

Hey guys...

I don't know if you know this, but the singer of Westland sounds exactly like Claudio from Coheed. It makes this cover sound almost spot on.

ASOGenius 01/06/12 02:03 PM


Originally Posted by White (Post 100582452)

Patton Oswalt on bass.

Lmao I thought the same exact thing

And considering I never heard this band before and now i think he sounds like Claudio...

oshyjay 01/06/12 02:22 PM

First off, Coheed is my favorite band so I'm extremely biased.
That being said, I don't like this cover... I understand what they're trying to do (and they do it successfully), but since they're not trying to make it their own it's only a sub-par version of a great song. The singer is way more nasally than Claudio and after going back and listening to the original, he just doesn't sing with the same passion that Claudio does.
I know I'm being way too hard on the guys, I know they're just having fun and it really isn't a bad cover.


Originally Posted by White (Post 100582452)

Patton Oswalt on bass.


codeseven 01/06/12 02:39 PM

Impressive. Nice job guys

xxdeadawakexx 01/06/12 03:49 PM

good cover dudes.