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Jason Tate 01/09/12 09:59 AM

The Menzingers Try Out New Song Acoustic
At Fest 10, The Menzingers played a couple new songs during their acoustic set. Check out "Gates" here.

Submitted by Stokd

uglystar03 01/09/12 11:19 AM

This is great. Only further cementing them as one of my favorite current bands. I can't wait for this album. I'm glad I ordered the preorder package with the acoustic demos.

Stokd 01/09/12 02:02 PM

They played Ava House too, was disappointed I didn't get that one as well. Also a fantastic song.

jornor 01/09/12 06:03 PM

There is a full set of their acoustic set at fest 10 online, I'm too lazy to find it right now