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Jason Tate 01/09/12 10:07 AM

A Billy Talent Video Update
A studio update from Billy Talent can be found in the replies.

Jason Tate 01/09/12 10:08 AM

bandnamexmyname 01/09/12 10:23 AM

Whoa, throwback.

Hail Lelouch 01/09/12 10:40 AM

damn their debut is one of my favourite records, classic

even though 3 was a bit of a downer, still looking forward to this

pennie 01/09/12 10:45 AM

Liked the first two albums. Never listened the third one. Saw them play in a club over here a few years ago. Great live.

Miketheunicycle 01/09/12 11:07 AM

i'm looking forward to this, are they going with IV?

jdr277 01/09/12 11:08 AM


Originally Posted by Miketheunicycle (Post 100754512)
i'm looking forward to this, are they going with IV?

No they wanted to get a little bit away from that sound and do something a bit different.

ramomcferno 01/09/12 12:06 PM

Wow well I am excited to hear it as well now. I am a fan of everything they have done so this should be no different.

trojanick 01/09/12 12:20 PM

One of my most anticipated for sure.

guill89 01/09/12 01:33 PM

I've heard it's gonna be called ''Billy Talent X''

Anyways..really looking forward to this, one of the best band around.

Spencer Control 01/09/12 02:24 PM

I've heard it's titled X also. I and II were two fantastic albums, III was a major letdown but they still have swag in my opinion.

suicidalmoose 01/09/12 02:39 PM

really curious about how this record will sound like

Christrings 01/09/12 03:59 PM

So psyched for this album, these guys always deliver!

Poochemist 01/09/12 11:51 PM

Really looking forward to a follow-up to III, which was a little bit of a letdown. Love these guys tho.