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Kyle Huntington 01/12/12 04:17 AM

Arcade Fire City Limits
Hit the replies to watch Arcade Fire performing "We Used To Wait" live on Austin City Limits.

Kyle Huntington 01/12/12 04:18 AM

abc22 01/12/12 07:25 AM

first. awesome band

TheRealJohnOC 01/12/12 07:30 AM

second. I wish I was cool as the dude who's first :-(

gurrentzy321 01/12/12 08:08 AM

I was at this :)

Plus155 01/12/12 09:05 AM

Such an amazing live band. Well, I guess an amazing band in general, but you get what I'm saying.

pkrager5 01/12/12 09:19 AM

I would love to see these guys live.

Holly HoX! 01/12/12 10:14 AM

One of the better songs off the album and one of my favorites from the band.

provethatIexist 01/12/12 10:33 AM

i was there. absolutely amazing performance.

Kyle Thrash 01/12/12 10:35 AM

1:48 shows the set list, looks like an amazing show. But this video was edited like shit.

Madasahatter93 01/12/12 02:26 PM


davidwalbrun 01/12/12 02:31 PM

does anyone have any idea if they are touring the US anytime soon?