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Jason Tate 01/12/12 01:15 PM

The Reunion Albums/Tours That Need to Happen
Last Thursday I broke out the nostalgia tinged "My Chinese Democracy List" feature for discussion. As fate would have it, this week brought us a healthy dose of yesteryear as we learned of reunions from At the Drive In, Refused, and The Receiving End of Sirens. For this week's Thursday discussion, I wanted to continue with this theme and touch on the top 10 reunions I would like to see. I had to put a few qualifiers on my list, otherwise I'd fill it up with stuff like The Beatles - so, the band members have to all still be alive and able to play (no Nirvana) and to make it more fun I'm not including relatively recent break-ups either (no Fall Out Boy, Thrice, or Thursday). I'd love to hear your thoughts and your list of reunions you'd like to see happen. The debate over whether reunions are good from a legacy standpoint, or just shit all over them - can be had another day.

1) Midtown
NoteI may be in the minority here, but I'd like to see the band get back together for a tour. Our resident Midtown fanboy, Anton, has gone on record saying he doesn't think it'll ever happen - and he hopes it doesn't because of what has transpired since. But I still want to see it. The Cobra fans would show up, the Midtown fans would push them to the back. It would be great. Please?

2) Anadivine
NoteI think "Zoo" is one of the most underrated albums of the genre. I never saw them live. And I really wish I would have. Now it's too late. I have the chant going in my head: "one more show. one more show." - but it doesn't seem to be working.

3) The Smiths
NoteYeah, this just isn't happening. But I am pretty sure I'd give my left testicle to see it. Arguably my all time favorite band (on that list that changes each time I try and come up with it). Please, please, please let me get what I want.

4) All
NoteHonestly I have no idea what these guys are up to. Are they on hiatus still? I think they played a few one off shows a little while ago. But I'd love to see a new album from these guys. Just one.

5) Something Corporate
NoteI love Jack's Mannequin, but there's just something about SoCo that makes me want for a full reunion tour. The pop-sensibilities were something special. Don't tell me you don't want to hear some of the old classics one last time. I think they may have been my most seen live band for a while - but I'd love to add to that tally.

6) Bodyjar
NoteI am not sure when the band officially called it quits. Three or four years ago? I dunno. Anyway, they were one of those bands that were big down-under, but never really took off here in the states. I never got to seem them live - and think they should get back together, just for little old me.

7) Value-Pac
NoteAm I the only person that even remembers this band? They're old school pop-punk, I think they released an album on Tooth & Nail Records, and back when MxPx and Blink were dominating my life ... these guys were a favorite. This is a nostalgia like post - and these guys define "little pop-punk band nostalgia" for me.

8) Name Taken
NoteSuch. A. Good. Band. It's painful they didn't blow up the way some of their peers did. I think Hold On remains on a level that most bands in the genre are still trying to get to. It's that good, and it holds up exceptionally well.

9) Armor for Sleep
NoteGo back and listen to What to Do When You're Dead. That album defined a year on this website. The obsession flowed from the staff down to the users. The album screamed passion. Fuck, I'm going to go listen to it right now ...

10) Latterman
NoteAnother one that hurts that I didn't see them live. Such an explosive band, and from all accounts - they were better live than they were on their albums. If you missed out on these guys - it's not too late to go get all their albums and play them VERY LOUD.

Ok, what's on your list? Follow my self-imposed rules, or don't ... after the last year of break-ups, you probably have a lot right on the tip of your tongue. I think I could have put about 50 different bands on here, and I already know I forgot a shit ton.

Jason Tate 01/12/12 01:15 PM

RockVocalPower 01/12/12 01:18 PM

Something Corporate already did a full reunion tour, but full-time again would be nice.

Jake Jenkins 01/12/12 01:18 PM

Hidden In Plain View

punchedbyagirl 01/12/12 01:19 PM

Definitely agree with most of this, especially SoCo. Days Away, Box Car Racer and Name Taken would be awesome. Same with The Sound Of Animals Fighting.

Defender 01/12/12 01:19 PM


an0n 01/12/12 01:19 PM

I don't understand how Acceptance didn't make this list! Acceptance and Midtown are who I want to get back together.

I didn't even know Bodyjar called it quits, fucking LOVE that band.

Goat01 01/12/12 01:21 PM

hearing The Blood Brothers play Crimes or From Autumn to Ashes play The Fiction We Live all the way through would make my life.

paul manley 01/12/12 01:21 PM

NORTHSTAR. enough said.

fuldanips 01/12/12 01:21 PM


Originally Posted by sophos34 (Post 101000622)
Hidden In Plain View


irthesteve 01/12/12 01:22 PM

hey.... where has Anton been anyway?

jeanjacket 01/12/12 01:22 PM


aaronRadcore 01/12/12 01:22 PM

Definitely could use some Blood Brothers. And a Mr. Bungle reunion is much-needed

Jason Tate 01/12/12 01:22 PM


Originally Posted by irthesteve (Post 101000952)
hey.... where has Anton been anyway?

He was in the ATDI thread the other day.

Jason Tate 01/12/12 01:23 PM


Originally Posted by paul manley (Post 101000872)
NORTHSTAR. enough said.

#11. Heh.