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Rohan Kohli 01/12/12 05:38 PM

The Decoration (Ex-Ellington) Releases EP
The Decoration (ex-Ellington) released their debut EP on iTunes today. The EP was co-written and produced by Matt Malpass (Lydia, The Cinema).

The Gamma Man 01/12/12 06:47 PM

*Initiates Slow Clap*

browneyedbutz 01/12/12 07:25 PM

I can't really get into this. I think its the fact that both sing at the same time through just about every song and her voice sounds really over produced.

snowboarderkid 01/12/12 07:33 PM

I like Ellington, so i will have to check this out.

phillipjacob 01/12/12 09:34 PM

Yes. Everyone should get this or at least check it out. So so good.

HometownHero 01/12/12 10:02 PM

I remember the first time this was posted today.