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Joe DeAndrea 01/13/12 02:37 PM

Little Bombs Music Video
The music video for Little Bombs' single "Back Home" can be seen in the replies.

Joe DeAndrea 01/13/12 02:38 PM

EmoErk 01/13/12 05:57 PM

not bad at all. They had the world handed to them in Sing It Loud and they self destructed, sounds like he is starting with a better platform with this band

zachff 01/13/12 08:16 PM

Not as good as Dashboard's Little Bombs.

gurby 01/13/12 08:18 PM

i've always been a kieran fan and enjoy the direction he's taking with this band.

fbrrocks 01/13/12 10:50 PM

i like but i still miss sing it loud

all time (joe) 01/13/12 11:45 PM

i'm digging this video. makes me so happy to be from minnesota.

LightSky182 01/14/12 03:22 PM

great record

adurna_isidar 01/14/12 04:48 PM

Pretty good. I'll have to check out some more.

hello299 01/16/12 10:01 AM

Still don't understand why Sing It Loud broke up. Seemed like it came out of nowhere after they released an awesome pop rock album.