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Alex DiVincenzo 01/14/12 07:36 AM

Say Anything to Tour with Kevin Devine and Fake Problems?
It looks like Say Anything may be touring with Kevin Devine and Fake Problems.

Zack Zarrillo 01/14/12 07:41 AM

I can't imagine this not being a full tour considering none of the bands are from Oregon

mikeXXXnj 01/14/12 07:43 AM

this will rule forever.

theotheryabs 01/14/12 07:45 AM

That is just odd...

matt_bergeron 01/14/12 08:01 AM


Thomas Nassiff 01/14/12 08:05 AM

Pretty neat lineup there.

AnthonyBTT 01/14/12 08:13 AM

Say anything just can't keep anything secret this week

spiffa0 01/14/12 08:17 AM

I will see anything with Fake Problems in the lineup.

mike'smannequin 01/14/12 08:26 AM

sweet deal

ACA 01/14/12 08:26 AM

Please no, KD.

InaGreendase 01/14/12 08:32 AM

This is actually pretty solid. ACA, maybe you should enlighten us all on how KD's presence taints a support slot for a dude carnival-barking about websites.

providence36 01/14/12 08:35 AM

new album is pretty good, could be a fun tour to see

ppt4895 01/14/12 08:40 AM

Please please come to Starland

smallfavours 01/14/12 08:42 AM

Standing by...

billy_yo 01/14/12 09:01 AM

I'd go only for fake problems