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Anton Djamoos 08/10/07 03:26 PM

Downtown Rivals Free Music Sampler
Downtown Rivals has posted a sampler for free download here. The full track listing can be found in the replies.

Anton Djamoos 08/10/07 03:26 PM

Track ListEvans Blue - Blackhole
Framing Hanley - Built For Sin
Between The Trees - The Way She Feels
The Myriad - Don't Let Them See You!
There For Tomorrow - Pages
Fosterchild - Hunger Strike
Tantric - The One
Rookie of the Year - Pop Destroyed The Scene
This Day & Age - Always Straight Ahead
Woodale - Here
The Wedding - Staring At the Light
Deas Vail - Rewind
Course of Nature - Live Again
Besieged - INRI
The Blue Letter - We'll Cut Down the Trees and Name Our Streets After Them
Saints Never Surrender - Barricades
Forever Changed - Starting to Sink
Cori Yarckin - Sucks To Be You
Rory - Kind of Like Chloroformity
Inkwell - Just Take the Monkey and Leave
Foreverinmotion - Hot Air Balloon
Backseat Goodbye - Play Three Again
Band Marino - Every Time I Make A Girl Cry I Know I've Done My Job
Man Alive - Dying Breed
We The Living - Atlantic
Wesley Jensen - Annabelle

SweetThye 08/10/07 03:51 PM

Great bands. Download it.

ship of fools 08/10/07 04:06 PM

i see nothing for a free download..

theacademylove 08/10/07 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by ship of fools (Post 7331865)
i see nothing for a free download..

by each song in purevolume, there should be something that says download.

Anton Djamoos 08/10/07 04:44 PM

Right next to each song in the Purevolume player, there is an option to download each song. Take advantage of it...this is a really solid mix of great bands.

yoyoninjagirl 08/10/07 07:26 PM

nice! Free downloads are always great.

ThatGuy 08/10/07 09:10 PM

i wonder if they stole this idea from naive clothing

petrie182 08/12/07 09:40 AM

wow, these are great.