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Thomas Balkcom 01/15/12 07:08 PM

Entertainment Round-Up (01/15/2012)
Check out the replies to view and discuss this week in Movie, Television, and DVD news.

Thomas Balkcom 01/15/12 07:08 PM

Entertainment Round-Up contributors: rest_easy, stayillogical, and Thomas Balkcom

Industry News and Rumors:


1. Batman will return to his cave in The Dark Knight Rises.

2. The trailer for the Sundance doc called Shut Up and Play the Hits about LCD Soundsystem has hit.

3. Alexandre Desplat will score Jacques Audiard's follow up to A Prophet entitled Rust and Bone.

4. Sam Raimi's Oz: The Great and Powerful will have a black and white opening, much like the original.

5. Rob Marshall will direct a big screen adaptation of Into the Woods.

6. Watch a brutal fight scene from Haywire.

7. Here's a trailer for Djinn.

8. Tickets for The Hunger Games go on sale February 22.

9. Cabin in the Woods will open SXSW.

10. News of the week, IMO. Here is the trailer for Moonrise Kingdom.

11. The Master has been shot in 65MM.

12. Here is your first official image of Skyfall.

13. Here's a trailer for Casa de mi padre.

14. Ladies and gentlemen, Quentin Tarantino.

15. New pic from The Hobbit.


1. Game of Thrones is back April 1.

2. Emma Stone and Andy Samberg will guest star on 30 Rock.

3. Not news but just a reminder that the third season of Justified starts on Tuesday.

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sources: trailers.apple.com, slashfilm.com, comingsoon.net, hollywoodreporter.com, blogs.indiewire.com, moviefone.com, deadline.com, collider.com, variety.com, avclub.com

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Thomas Balkcom 01/15/12 07:09 PM

Big thank you to Dickface Chillah for the help again.

Chrisj182 01/15/12 07:20 PM

3 months until Game of Thrones? Too long, but it's probably the best show on tv.

vivatoto56 01/15/12 08:11 PM

Big woot for Justified.

fuckyourscenes 01/15/12 08:32 PM

The Hunger Games is going to be huge.

brandonisstupid 01/15/12 08:47 PM

Love Tarantino and his film list. Can't wait for Django Unchained. On another note, I guess I need to start watching Game Of Thrones. With all the critical acclaim it's getting it better be good.

fothermucker 01/15/12 09:12 PM

Stoked on Oz & The Hunger Games.
Raimi has still yet to disappoint, and THG books are ridiculously good, hopefully the movie is as good.

Holly HoX! 01/15/12 10:13 PM

Moonlight Kingdom

fbrrocks 01/15/12 10:24 PM

link for 12 goes to this http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplayli...-65mm-not-imax so please fix it

claw38 01/15/12 10:46 PM

I thought the Into The Woods movie was based on the Tana French novel, I would love to see that movie haha Other than that, can't wait for Justified and The Hunger Games movie could be good, but the last book blew hard soooooo that should be interesting

Sext Offender 01/15/12 10:55 PM

new Will Ferrell movie will be awesome

DickfaceChillah 01/16/12 12:25 AM


Originally Posted by Thomas Balkcom (Post 101222812)
Big thank you to Dickface Chillah for the help again.


I just appreciate these awesome roundups!

blimpcityhero11 01/16/12 12:56 AM

Can't wait for Cabin in the Woods... Seems like it's shaping up to be a good year for movies.

JinxRemoving 01/16/12 06:05 AM

This is gonna be a great tv week, Alcatraz today and Justified tomorrow.