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TomMcCloud 01/17/12 01:05 PM

Happy Birthday, hope to see you and the rest of the band back in germany very soon!:-)

phaynes1 01/17/12 01:10 PM

Happy birthday Dan!!

Wesley! 01/17/12 01:26 PM

Happy Birthday!

oneeightytwo 01/17/12 01:32 PM

Happy Birthday Dan!

Ryan Dennehy 01/17/12 01:35 PM

Happy birthday, Soupy!

justinwho 01/17/12 01:41 PM

happy birthday soupy!!! thanks for the music that's touched many many lives, including mine. keep it up and have an awesome one!

bojl 01/17/12 01:43 PM

happy birthday!

HeavenResign 01/17/12 01:50 PM

Happy birthday Dan!!

forget_december 01/17/12 01:55 PM

I love the hell outta you, Soupy! Happy Birthday!

foleyfrosh14 01/17/12 01:56 PM


Originally Posted by smowashere (Post 101343132)
Happy birthday Soupy! Can't wait to see you again in Detroit! (You should have a special guest--Fireworks!)

This would be awesome! But I'm hoping the Fireworks dudes have a tour of their own this spring

katieissweet 01/17/12 02:13 PM

Happy Birthday!

tttygxlove 01/17/12 02:50 PM

Happy birthday, Soupy!

Waffleconsumer 01/17/12 02:58 PM

Happy happy birthday man! :D

Metal Now 01/17/12 03:03 PM

Happy birthday to an absolute legend.

WhoSaidThat? 01/17/12 03:10 PM

Happy birthday Soupy. Quality guy.