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Lueda Alia 01/19/12 03:03 PM

Ay Lazerbeak
2DopeBoyz premiered two new Lazerbeak songs titled "Bully" and "Ay Bay Bee," which might possibly be the two sexiest tracks released this year. What do you think?

Lueda Alia 01/19/12 03:04 PM

My favourite tracks on the record.

It's baby making music, I'm telling y'all!

Holly HoX! 01/19/12 03:27 PM

I had sex to these. I mean, er, yeah totally sexy tunes.

cshadows2887 01/19/12 10:45 PM

Everything on this record is sexy.

HometownHero 01/19/12 10:50 PM

I will try this out.

CastlesXClouds 01/19/12 11:37 PM


Originally Posted by deadkidsean (Post 101532372)
4 replies. What the fuuuuck.

haha seriously.

steve187 01/20/12 12:14 AM

fuck 2dopeboyz

JinxRemoving 01/20/12 05:29 AM

Amazing. Can't wait to hear the rest.

blue_light_888 01/20/12 07:56 AM

love the brass in Bully
definitely psyched to hear the whole thing

bobcatbob18 01/20/12 10:55 AM

I plan on picking this up on the NO KINGS tour and hppefully a badass shirt.

iheartmusic043 01/20/12 01:07 PM

So good. Why did I not find out about Doomtree until this year. Everyone who's part of it are amazing!