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Jason Tate 01/20/12 04:52 PM

Bridge 9 Holding 15% Off Sale
Bridge 9 is currently holding a sale: 15% off pretty much everything in their store.

Submitted by NickIsI

NickIsI 01/20/12 05:22 PM

Picked up some records I had been meaning to purchase but hadn't gotten around to. Check this out! Great deal!

Hagysaurus Rex 01/20/12 05:46 PM

This is a great chance to get that I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone I've been wanting to get.

Dre Okorley 01/20/12 06:11 PM


aradiantsunrise 01/20/12 06:24 PM

Pick up some siq vinyl, brah.

NickIsI 01/20/12 06:27 PM


Originally Posted by Dre Okorley (Post 101577372)

That's probably exactly what my face looked like when I saw this. No joke.

InaGreendase 01/20/12 06:44 PM

Literally everything except the new Dead Swans stuff, actually.

HeavenResign 01/20/12 11:46 PM

Great label that deserves support :-) .

JinxRemoving 01/21/12 05:47 AM

Sweet, time to get some Polar Bear Club and American Nightmare stuff on vinyl.

knorr45 01/21/12 09:54 AM

Awesome. I'm finally going to pick up NFG's Tip of the Iceberg EP and the International Superheroes of Hardcore

paramorekicks 01/22/12 02:27 PM

picked up some polar bear club stuff. i'm excited