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Jason Tate 01/22/12 01:53 PM

The Maine Post Free B-Side
The Maine have released "Take Me Dancing" - a free b-side from their new album - for download here.

crusaderr 01/22/12 02:24 PM

I like the song, very much in vein of the album musically, can see why they left it off... solid track none the less. The Maine are progressing for the better and i'm loving it.

TwelveTribes230 01/22/12 03:01 PM

sounds good

Coverbydesign 01/22/12 05:17 PM

wow was just playing there last album an digging it. Here is hoping this is good

providence36 01/22/12 05:27 PM

still loving this album, b-side is alright though

SunDropBlink 01/22/12 08:49 PM

These guys sound so different then they did when I saw them at warped a few years ago

Sext Offender 01/22/12 09:52 PM

pop bands still sing about dancing? thats so 2008/2009

Khaos 01/22/12 10:18 PM


Originally Posted by Sext Offender (Post 101689792)
pop bands still sing about dancing? thats so 2009/2009

Its not even like that.

Not really even into this song. Great album though, Some Days and Thinking of You are awesome.

ThisDayForward 01/22/12 10:31 PM


dylanandtea 01/22/12 11:10 PM

enjoyed it from the start BUT THAT ENDING.

mmhmm. thank you, the maine. so great.

Thatguy101 01/23/12 12:06 AM

Loving the vibe of this song, very relaxing, till the rather random ending. They have a way better sound then they used to, new CD rocks hard.

herestoyoufla 01/23/12 12:03 PM

love the album, didn't like the b-side. Too boring. At least throw in some powerful vocals or a guitar solo in with the full band at the end. Felt anti-climactic.