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Lueda Alia 01/22/12 03:20 PM

Different Genres, Still Music
Looking at end of the year lists on AP.net was quite fascinating. Many people who seemed to predominantly listen to pop-punk had Bon Iver's album on their list. In some cases, it was actually their album of the year. While I have no doubt that an album can transcend genres, it begs the question: why that specific album? It would be too easy of an answer to say, "because that was the best album released last year," since music is subjective anyway. But really, what makes an album from a different genre -- one that you would not normally listen to -- stand out? And most importantly, what would you say are some bands and/or albums that you, surprisingly, really love? People are often surprised to hear me say that I'm a huge AFI fan because they're nothing like anything I listen to. But I do. Maybe it's Davey's voice, or maybe I can connect to their music somehow. For a reason or another, they stand out to me. What about you? What are the out-of-place bands in your library?

Lueda Alia 01/22/12 03:22 PM

Let's hear'em!


iplaydrums 01/22/12 03:29 PM

I think the biggest surprises in my music library are a lot of the pop songs sprinkled in. I've been known to go through some heavy Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 phases. I'm also known to spend days at a time listening to "Jessie's Girl" on repeat. Sometimes you just need a good pop song.

Kelly Doherty 01/22/12 03:29 PM

Friendly Fires.. I really hate any form of dance music, yet for some reason I really love those guys. I know they have the indie vibe, but I generally dislike indie dance too.

Adam Pfleider 01/22/12 03:29 PM

if you listen to a wide array of genres - there are no out of place bands...it's all just music...

Jason Tate 01/22/12 03:29 PM

I wouldn't really say any of the stuff I listen to is "out of place" - I just have a taste that's all over the map in most cases. But, if we're talking not in the usual genres of music I listen to - some of the classical and piano based stuff, like Evgeny Kissin, is probably up there.

sjb2k1 01/22/12 03:30 PM

i don't normally like____, but _____ is great!

cshadows2887 01/22/12 03:31 PM

Honestly, I'm an omnivore where genre is concerned, so there's no such thing as "those few albums outside my kind of music". I am never satisfied with a regular diet of one kind of music.

But people always seem to be surprised I like metal (Metallica, Megadeth, etc.) but that's all I liked from 10-15 years old or screaming stuff (Underoath, Pianos Become the Teeth) but I spent years playing with and hanging out with people in those kinds of bands.

Lueda Alia 01/22/12 03:31 PM


Originally Posted by Adam Pfleider (Post 101659412)
if you listen to a wide array of genres - there are no out of place bands...it's all just music...

It was just an expression, you dork!

harveyn590 01/22/12 03:32 PM

At this point I feel nothing is out place in my library, its all music. What were once sore thumbs have become my cornerstones. But when being introduced to it, it was all about the context I came into contact with it and associations to things I already actively enjoyed and embraced.

Igor Stravinsky - Was in band in high school college and a favorite of The Flaming Lips
Erick Satie - Influence, and often compared to the great Jon Brion, my favorite film composer
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew was a favorite of The Mars Volta, On The Corner of the Roots. and most of all, my friends all loved him. and come on, its fucking MILES!
Wu Tang Clan - It became the cool ironic thing a couple years ago, but i actually got into it
Blink 182 - I don't listen to much pop punk these days, but these guys started me on my musical journey.
Satyajit Ray - The Darjeeling Limited

bandnamexmyname 01/22/12 03:33 PM

Save Ferris

J.C. 01/22/12 03:34 PM

I have some AFI on my iPod. My tastes are all over the place though so it's hard to say what in particular doesn't fit. Maybe Meat Loaf if I had to pick one. Jamiroquai would also get consideration.

Ian Walker 01/22/12 03:34 PM

I'm pretty sure I'm vocal about so much stuff that people aren't surprised by what I listen to anymore.

Interesting to hear you're an AFI fan though, Eda. They're probably my favorite band after The Mountain Goats.

Ian Walker 01/22/12 03:34 PM


Originally Posted by sjb2k1 (Post 101659522)
i don't normally like____, but _____ is great!

I love you more and more every day. :slutkiss:

Adam Pfleider 01/22/12 03:36 PM


Originally Posted by Lueda Alia (Post 101659622)
It was just an expression, you dork!

hahaha. i know.

the thing about this topic is that the reason you may listen to something "outside your comfort zone" is probably because it has something to do with the music you already listen to. It's why I like bebop and post-bop jazz, it reminds me off all the concentrated noise I like in post-hardcore. I like symphonic music that sounds epic and it relates to my love of post-rock. it's why genres kind of suck as a thing - it's really just a different take on something you already love.

this also may be the reason why scene kids love dubstep. waiting for the drop and waiting for the breakdown are just about the same thing - and both are dumb.