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Joe DeAndrea 01/23/12 07:19 AM

Hit the Lights Album Stream
Hit the Lights' new album, Invicta, can be streamed here.

Coverbydesign 01/23/12 07:19 AM

wow better then I thought it would be.

sooperdoodey 01/23/12 07:25 AM

I have an anticipation semi.

JulieLynn 01/23/12 07:25 AM

Sweet Baby Jesus!

CurtisFFI 01/23/12 07:27 AM

Haha it's good! Too much delay and reverb though. Too many slower songs as well. I like it, just not as much as Skip School.

Nick's voice is really good on this. I wish the mix had the vocal a bit more out front.

zachff 01/23/12 07:31 AM

Hopes aren't high but I'm giving this a listen now.

Avalanche1 01/23/12 07:32 AM

Much different than their other material but I'm really enjoying this album. Nick sounds great.

notetoself343 01/23/12 07:38 AM

1000000000000000000% better then skip schools.

DanTGD 01/23/12 07:41 AM

Liking it so far, sounds like it's gonna be an overall slower album. But that's not really a bad thing, they've had two albums of fast. Live this is gonna mix in fucking awesomely.

BusterBluth 01/23/12 07:57 AM

COREhorizon 01/23/12 08:02 AM

Nice change in style but an overall average album

kidinthebushes 01/23/12 08:15 AM

I picked this up Thursday at their show and have been listening ever since. The first 3 songs are great but I can't get into the rest of the album.

Charlieistony 01/23/12 08:21 AM

I haven't listened to HTL since their EP and first Full length, and this being the first time I've listened to their other material, I'm really diggin this first song. It's very... epic and very well written. They've come along way from bodybag! (though I still love that song). Good for them, they're "matured" but not in the way that scares people.

BruceWayne 01/23/12 08:25 AM

Invincible, Gravity, Earthquake, Get To You, Float Through Me, Take Control = Amazing

CurtisFFI 01/23/12 08:29 AM


Originally Posted by BruceWayne (Post 101700682)
Invincible, Gravity, Earthquake, Get To You, Float Through Me, Take Control = Amazing

Haha that's EXACTLY my picks from this album :)