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Drew Beringer 01/24/12 12:44 AM

New Fiona Apple Soon?
Seems like we could be getting some new music from Fiona Apple soon.

ygoslo 01/24/12 01:12 AM

God I loved her first 2 records as a kid. Nothing like what I listen to now but I gotta be honest, I'll listen to anything she releases.

cshadows2887 01/24/12 02:05 AM

Pumped. She's awesome and great live, too.

carcrashofahart 01/24/12 03:56 AM

they say soon, but they mean in a year.

The Revisionist 01/24/12 05:44 AM


Keagan Ilvonen 01/24/12 06:06 AM

New Fiona can never hurt.

studskalny 01/24/12 06:28 AM

Haven't listened to her in so long. Sounds good to me!

5fikev 01/24/12 07:09 AM

That's what i've been missing in my life.

live4music 01/24/12 07:19 AM

My favorite voice period... but I'll believe it when I see it.

allthruwinter 01/24/12 08:48 AM

I love her. I couldn't be more pumped. I hope its a legit statement though.

luckykaruba 01/24/12 08:53 AM

This is very exciting news. I will have to listen to her older stuff in preparation.

Yontsey 01/24/12 09:06 AM

Want now.

TomAce 01/24/12 10:30 AM

awesome news, but fuck la reid

briantalife 01/24/12 11:40 AM

fiona rules. hate that she is so inconsistent with releases though, i don't believe all the label hype as the sole reason her releases get delayed.

cambridge4301 01/24/12 02:26 PM

This, Every Time I Die and Meshuggah will be my AOTY's.

She's been done with this album for well over a year but her label wouldn't release it.