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Jaimehere 01/28/12 11:39 PM

I'm pretty sure they're gonna their guitars tuned to sound "djenty", the question is will the music itself be great?

I liked the last album but only for a month or so, grew tired of it.

BIGSALE 01/29/12 12:47 AM

unbreakable was cool but, never really got into their last release. which means i'll give this a listen to with an open mind and then wee how i like it

cubine 01/29/12 01:30 AM


Originally Posted by Bryan Mac (Post 102016272)
It's 2012. Why the fuck is this shitty Myspace band still making music?

"Shitty myspace band"? Oh come on. Average metalcore band would be a fair enough label but they've stayed fairly relevant via the past couple records and through touring.

Jake Denning 01/29/12 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by DemBitties (Post 102028732)
Didn't they kick out one of their guitarists because he wasn't Christian?

If I'm correct he later went on to play in Carridale.

But seriously fuck this band.

Yes, Kyle went on to Carridale. All of the members still talk and hang with him often.

Sorry you feel that way

kbomb001 01/30/12 10:03 AM

I'm not a big fan, but, I'll check out the album eventually