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Christian Wagner 01/30/12 09:43 AM

My Ticket Home Is A New Breed
Head to the replies to watch My Ticket Home's music video for "A New Breed."

Christian Wagner 01/30/12 09:44 AM

Capulet 01/30/12 09:48 AM

awsome, cant wait for this record

t00latef0rr0ses 01/30/12 09:48 AM

This new breed sounds pretty similar to everything else in the genre...

iseejosh 01/30/12 09:50 AM

Reminds me heavily of Inhale/Exhale, decent stuff. The cleans are so good. Will pick up the record. Im somewhat surprised.

Nightmare7 01/30/12 12:16 PM

The cleans remind me of the vocalist that's not in Emery anymore (I think his name was Devin).

Handraa 01/30/12 12:36 PM

Columbus-core at it's finest!

hipvee43 01/30/12 12:46 PM

that was awesome

circletheworld 01/30/12 12:49 PM

hmmm. this is pretty forgettable

agl 01/30/12 12:53 PM

Just not feeling the unclean vocals from this band. I think they'd be better cutting the screams out altogether and going purely with clean vocals.

gregchipkin 01/30/12 01:18 PM

anyone else feel like the singer was trying to seduce you ? haha thats the vibe i was getting

AaRoNpUnK 01/30/12 02:13 PM

wait isn't this band called Rise?

johnnyferris 01/30/12 04:02 PM

Sounds like the new Attack Attack.

KarlAnthonyyy 01/30/12 04:10 PM


Originally Posted by johnnyferris (Post 102123072)
Sounds like the new Attack Attack.

Agreed aside from the cleans.

chubbychasin 01/30/12 06:38 PM

I really want to hear more of them, I think they're sick.