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Jason Tate 01/31/12 09:32 AM

American Opera Release New Song
American Opera have released their new song, "Lift Up This City," featuring vocals from Amy Brennan of The Company We Keep.

TwelveTribes230 01/31/12 11:12 AM

Great song. Can't wait for an actual release of all his material.

bwalden 01/31/12 11:29 AM

Phenomenal vocalist. Love this dude.

Oeightyfour 01/31/12 05:02 PM

Amazing song! This guy really can do no wrong .... from Your Best Friend (rip) to this. One of the best dudes I've met.

Max Stern 01/31/12 07:17 PM

has their been news of an actual release yet?

BusterBluth 01/31/12 09:25 PM

Seriously the nicest dude you can ever meet and both of his bands are/were better then most of the bands hyped on this site.