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Thomas Nassiff 02/01/12 10:07 AM

Early November Record To Come Out In Early Summer
In a new interview, The Early November reveals they would like their new record to be out "in the beginning of the summer," and that the original April release reported by Rise Records was "a little misleading." They say that most of the record is written and demoed, and that they are recording the songs in packs, instead of all at once; and that they want to make the reunion "a long term thing."

syntax omitted 02/01/12 10:09 AM


blimpcityhero11 02/01/12 10:10 AM

So glad these guys got back together... Can't wait to see where they'll go with the new tunes.

jrtbighurt 02/01/12 10:11 AM


Arry 02/01/12 10:19 AM

unbelievably excited.

also, are they gonna play warped?!?!

mfields10 02/01/12 10:25 AM

I'm expecting this to be my summer jam, like Gold Rush was last summer.

nickstetina 02/01/12 10:27 AM


Originally Posted by mfields10 (Post 102219902)
I'm expecting this to be my summer jam, like Gold Rush was last summer.

My thoughts as well.

Woo baby!

Jordachejeans91 02/01/12 10:29 AM

super pumped for this record

herestoyoufla 02/01/12 10:45 AM

I have no idea what this will sound like. I just know it will be good.

darlingsveil 02/01/12 10:46 AM

so excited to see these guys at bled fest!

hypa_dude 02/01/12 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by jrtbighurt (Post 102218862)

Ever so

DevinDomino 02/01/12 10:48 AM

FUCK YEAH, SXSW SHOW! This is a great interview.

Calvin Lauber 02/01/12 10:50 AM


iseejosh 02/01/12 10:58 AM

I'll be dying to see that documentary. Hopefully shed some light on the whole Drive-Thru fiasco. So excited for the release, most anticipated of 2012.

erick620 02/01/12 11:00 AM

I wonder if they would be allowed to rerecord some old bsides (just enough, open eyes, make it happen, pretty pretty etc) at Ace's studio and release them.