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aboyandhiscurse 02/01/12 11:00 AM

i've been waiting for this since high school.

p93 02/01/12 11:07 AM

Great news. Anything from Ace has a mighty chance of being spectacular.

renedex 02/01/12 11:25 AM

"They say that most of the record is written and demoed, and that they are recording the songs in packs, instead of all at once; and that they want to make the reunion "a long term thing.""

I think that semicolon has been used incorrectly.

Looking forward to the record.

Mattylikesfilms 02/01/12 11:27 AM

This is all very exciting. I need new pants.

Mattylikesfilms 02/01/12 11:28 AM


Originally Posted by erick620 (Post 102222092)
I wonder if they would be allowed to rerecord some old bsides (just enough, open eyes, make it happen, pretty pretty etc) at Ace's studio and release them.

I doubt they would do that but I wouldn't mind seeing "Make It Happen" rerecorded.

Coughlin's Law 02/01/12 11:55 AM

Finally, something good about living in Texas. A week of TEN shows is just what this state needs.

jeffrayisrad 02/01/12 11:56 AM

Excited about this. Loved their "For Of All Of This EP" Something about that album just sounded so genuine. I would just crank that album in my bedroom when I was younger and everything in life was cool.

As far as the Drive Thru, they had a good thing going and couldn't hold onto it is my opinion. Lots of bands have great things to say about them and some have bad. Usally the way it goes in any releationship weither its business or personal. I think greed played a big factor but this just me rambling.

Welcome back TEN.

jrtbighurt 02/01/12 12:01 PM


Originally Posted by hypa_dude (Post 102221212)
Ever so


SLoT 02/01/12 12:07 PM

Seriously looking forward to new TEN music. I was actually listening to The Mother earlier today.

sjb2k1 02/01/12 12:30 PM

can't wait!

COREhorizon 02/01/12 12:35 PM

Must. See. Soon.

MJSchmidt 02/01/12 01:03 PM

Hopefully Cleveland gets one of those midwest dates in the summer. Naturally I was in transit out of town when they played the holiday Pittsburgh show. I would love to see this band again after watching the Youtube videos of the Philly reunion.

Nolessthanblink 02/01/12 02:17 PM

Liking the idea of another documentary behind the recording process! Are any of these shows in TX gonna be surprise, last minute, or secret shows? Or just shows in Dallas and on a SXSW showcase I wonder? (Joe if you're reading, please answer?)

irememberhallow 02/01/12 02:26 PM

Bring it on. Stoked.

KenneyBN 02/01/12 03:25 PM

Can someone explain to me exactly what Drive-thru did to TEN?