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Lueda Alia 02/01/12 12:20 PM

Daniel Rossen's Silent Song
Grizzly Bear's Daniel Rossen is releasing an EP titled Silent Hour/Golden Mile on March 20th via Warp Records. Listen to the song "Silent Song" in the replies.

Lueda Alia 02/01/12 12:21 PM

iplaydrums 02/01/12 12:30 PM

:celebrate: So stoked about this

Deadbolt23 02/01/12 01:57 PM

Love the three-bar hook in the chorus. Great song.

Tim McCall 02/01/12 02:36 PM

Like this a lot, but 16.99 for the vinyl, is a smidge too much for my taste.

ylliB sivaD 02/01/12 08:31 PM

This is awesome.

PepsiOne 02/02/12 01:16 AM

This will be awesome.

birtcho 02/02/12 01:44 AM

Heard this on the radio this morning. Really liking it