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Drew Beringer 02/01/12 08:55 PM

Hit The Lights - Invicta
Hit The LightsInvicta
Release Date: January 31, 2012
Record Label: Razor & Tie

For a while there, I thought we had lost Hit The Lights to the pop-punk abyss. After garnering a dedicated fan base due to their first two contagious full-lengths, the Lima, Ohio quintet signed to a major label expecting to get their brand of catchy anthems out to a wider audience. Instead, they were on the Universal roster for about the length of a Kim Kardashian wedding. After that, HTL kind of disappeared until late 2011 when Razor & Tie announced they’d sign the group and released a 3-song teaser EP. Enlisting the services of producer Mike Sapone, the three tracks on the EP featured a change in direction for Hit The Lights and perked up some excitement for their late January release.

So, on their third length, Hit The Lights channels the ghosts of Valencia and The Graduate rather than continuing the poppier side they displayed on their previous full-lengths. They had no desire to join the current pop-punk movement and instead focused on improving as songwriters and musicians. The 11 track Invicta (which includes the three songs previewed in late 2011) features some of the band’s heaviest and most poignant work to date.

The foot-stomping anthem “Invincible” kicks off the album with resounding drums (courtesy of Nate Van Dame) echoing off the backing group “whoa-ohs.” It sets the tone of the album, as “Earthquake” and “Gravity” continue to amp up the power chords while vocalist Nick Thompson sings his heart out. These songs still contain Hit The Lights signature pop song but there’s an extra layer of grittiness and crunch that’ll set off a jolt throughout your body.

Really, everything on Invicta sounds bigger; there is a passion behind the music that wasn’t as prevalent on Skip School, Start Fights. Maybe the major label miscue led to the band’s coming of age, as songs like the soaring “Get To You” (home to one of the album’s best melodies) and the colossal “Float Through Me” (unleashing a chorus that’ll reverberate between your ears for days) shows off a band that has grown into their songwriting.

“All The Weight” is a pure adrenaline rush thanks to guitarists Omar Zehery and Kevin Mahoney, and “Take Control” is a nice throwback to Hit The Lights’ earlier song, which adds an atmospheric flare to the song’s intro. They also explore different tones and pop sensibilities on the somber “Faster Now” (co-written by Yellowcard’s Ryan Key) and pop-ballad “Should’ve Known.” These tempo changes will be hit or miss for most fans (the former drags on a bit too long), but the band should be commended for changing up their style a bit.

But the real knockout is album closer “Oh My God.” You know that jellyfish that graces the cover of Invicta? Well this track is kind of like that. The first two and a half minutes float on like the sea creature as Thompson’s croon fills the spacey ambiance. Then just like that the song strikes quickly, ending the album in fantastic, pulverizing fashion. It’s a fitting conclusion for the band’s most consistent and mature output to date.

At the end of the day, Hit The Lights doesn’t need AK-47 logos and a gimmicky slogan to sell their music; rather they’ll get by with the passion, intensity, and solid songwriting that’s oozing from Invicta. These Ohioans escaped the abyss and emerged with the definitive Hit The Lights album, one well worth the three-plus year wait.


Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. Invincible
2. Gravity
3. Earthquake
4. So Guilty
5. Get To You
6. Float Through Me
7. Should've Known
8. All The Weight
9. Faster Now
10. Take Control
11. Oh My God
Produced by: Mike Sapone

Hit The Lights is:
Nick Thompson – lead vocals
Omar Zehery – guitars
Kevin Mahoney – guitars, backing vocals
David Bermosk – bass, backing vocals
Nate Van Dame – drums, percussion

Official Website; Official Facebook Page; Official AP.net Profile; Official Twitter Account

Ryan Gardner 02/01/12 09:02 PM

Great review.

Very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy this one

KenneyBN 02/01/12 09:08 PM

Wow I'll have to check this out. Especially considering everything Sapone touches turns to gold. I wasn't too into their old stuff though.

XLT917 02/01/12 10:54 PM

Great review, definitely gonna give this a listen now.

MyFriendsOver 02/02/12 12:20 AM

Bought the album on Tuesday, and didn't really like it initially, but I'm starting to open up to it a bit more. To me it's still their weakest full length...I commend them for doing something new, but there aren't enough standout tracks to call this their best album, for me at least. Strangely enough, I think the last song is the worst one!

Invincible is a beast of a song though. Builds up to a huge chorus, and has the sound of a confident and experienced band.

smoke4thecaper 02/02/12 02:16 AM

"Earthquake" is such a good song. Unleash that sucker to a widespread audience... and boom -- HTL is everywhere.

brandon_260 02/02/12 06:14 AM

This album is great.

Gautz 02/02/12 06:24 AM

Album is good, but still doesn't top 'stick up' for me.

Caleb Cabrera 02/02/12 07:56 AM


PermanentTourists 02/02/12 07:57 AM

Sounds like Nickelback.


providence36 02/02/12 07:59 AM

great album

*dannyg* 02/02/12 07:59 AM

For those of you who have just read this review and haven't listened to the album, the review is pretty much dead on accurate. Hit The Lights is by far my favorite band, and to see their songwriting and musical progression grow truly makes me happy. I was hesitant at first to listen because I knew it'd be different than both previous full lengths, but I'm beyond pleased with this album. If you haven't yet, go check these guys out live. I saw them for the 9th time last week, & they blew me away yet again...

*dannyg* 02/02/12 08:05 AM

Also, Hit The Lights has 6 members now. Kyle Maite does backing vocals and additional percussion

rollerman4221 02/02/12 08:08 AM

nice man overboard burn

NoUse2808 02/02/12 08:19 AM

I largely agree with the review. It's a huge leap forward as far as songwriting and over all production goes. Unfortunately, I loved HTL's early stuff because it was dead simple pop-punk and there's very little left of that original sound on this record.