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Lueda Alia 02/02/12 10:13 AM

If These Dinosaurs Could Talk
Go here to listen to a new song by If These Trees Could Talk titled "Barren Lands of a Modern Dinosaur." The new album, Red Forest, comes out on March 20th.

Mr. November 02/02/12 10:27 AM

so good, one of the few climax post-rock bands i love.

InBetweenAisles 02/02/12 10:32 AM

This song pumps me up.

dash64 02/02/12 11:10 AM

So awesome.

Sic Transit Zeb 02/02/12 12:28 PM

liking it!

intheclouds 02/02/12 01:14 PM

boner jam '12

PeeDster 02/02/12 01:47 PM


ScienceSilence 02/02/12 02:23 PM

Pre-order "Red Forest" here: http://scienceofsilence.limitedpressing.co m

skrillzzz1109 02/02/12 04:55 PM

Ordered the shit outta this at about 1:00:10PM today. And by the sound of this song, this album is going to blow me away.

skrillzzz1109 02/02/12 06:00 PM

BTW, the end of that song sounds Cloudkicker - Beacons"ish". Fuckin love it.