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Jason Tate 02/02/12 10:32 AM

WZRD Release Date + Track Listing
February 28th is the tentative release for the debut release of WZRD (Kid Cudi, Dot Da Genius).

Track Listing

1. The Arrival
2. High Off Life
3. The Dream Time Machine
4. Love Hard
5. Live & Learn
6. Brake
7. Teleport 2 Me, Jamie (Feat. Desire)
8. Where Did You Sleep Last Night
9. Efflictim
10. Dr. Pill
11. The Upper Room

Submitted by drudo182

Plus155 02/02/12 10:43 AM

I bet it'll be delayed at least two more times, and won't be worth the wait.

BusterBluth 02/02/12 10:44 AM

Nervous about this.

irthesteve 02/02/12 10:45 AM


PermanentTourists 02/02/12 10:46 AM

This will be horseshit.

ConnorCorruptNJ 02/02/12 10:47 AM

i wanna listen to it but not gunna get my hopes up.

SureAsRain 02/02/12 10:49 AM

Yeah, these "hip hop to rock" records are never very good. Plus the stuff already released is not really helping to change my mind. I"ll just set low expectations now.

dash64 02/02/12 11:01 AM

Looking forward to this.

Arry 02/02/12 11:08 AM

i have a feeling this is gonna be shit.

athdrummer19 02/02/12 11:09 AM

I think album is going to be very experimental, even for Cudi.. I'm nervously excited, but I figure there will be at least a couple good songs on this album.

athdrummer19 02/02/12 11:10 AM

I also find it kind of comical that people are doubting this album based on practically nothing, song titles?

jdr277 02/02/12 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by RepliesWithGifs (Post 102297622)

I fink you freaky

Andrew.Salzillo 02/02/12 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by athdrummer19 (Post 102296442)
I also find it kind of comical that people are doubting this album based on practically nothing, song titles?

Agreed with you there, unless people have heard songs, than id like to know where...definitely excited for this album, enjoyed the song WZRD came out with a few months ago titled "WZRD" I believe. Cudi is extremely talented and I just don't think it is fair to compare this project to Lil' Wayne's rebirth,. Or whatever the previous posts meant by "hip-hop to rock album"... Difference is Cudi has said in a few interviews he is not an artist of one genre, he doesn't even call himself a rapper and he is VERY musically talented--also much respect for the man, I saw an interview where he said he hopes his music could break down barriers between what is "white" music and what is "black" music. He'a obviously not just all talk, he had done that with his albums and mix tapes. Definitely looking foward to this album

weworemasks 02/02/12 11:54 AM

i was totally against this album till i heard "teleport 2 me." that shit is the jam, no fucks given.

Alexx Miller 02/02/12 12:43 PM

I am actually really excited for this. I hope the song "Rocket" is on here, maybe that was a tentative title. That song sounded so awesome.