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Jason Tate 02/05/12 11:01 AM

Staff Recommendations: February 5th, 2012
The weekend sure seems to be going by quickly. Hopefully we can make your Sunday a little more awesome with the staff recommendations. Check those all out below, and feel free to let us know what you've been listening to in the replies. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Watching the Super Bowl today? There's a great thread in the forums to talk about that.

Jason TateI'm on a giant Gotye kick right now; that Making Mirrors album is fantastic. Along with that I've been giving the I Am Arrows album, Sun Comes Up Again, a lot of plays as well. And in preparation for some news next week, I've been re-listening to Josh Ritter's fantastic catalog. The links here are all links to the rdio streams of the albums.

Oh, on a slightly related topic: As I posted about in my blog, I've also really enjoyed getting caught up with Mad Men, Friday Night Lights, and Sherlock. Most of those are on Netflix, and if you've never checked them out before - you should!

I'm on twitter and facebook if you'd like to follow/friend me. Thanks!

Christian WagnerBeen on a huge Self Against City kick lately. Drive-Thru nostalgia has pervaded on the site over the past couple weeks and it's let me go back and remember some of the best ones.


Jack ApplebyThat Zelliack record I reviewed still gets constant play, and I've been digging into Mount Carmel and The End Of The World a lot; it's the one-man project from Josh Kirby, Moving Mountains' touring guitarist/tour manager. Go take a gander.
Also, come find me on Tweeter or Bookface.

Ryan GardnerI've been listening to a lot of City and Colour lately; Dallas Green is just a brilliant man. Also, I've been spinning the latest from The Fray (Scars & Stories) and Hit The Lights (Invicta) a lot lately. I returned to The Devil Wears Prada's With Roots Above and Branches Below quite a few times this past week for whatever reason; it's still a killer.

Lueda Check out my weekly discussion here, and go listen to The Stills. One of the best and most consistent indie-rock labels that I've had the pleasure of knowing and listening to. They are greatly missed.

BlakeI've had the pleasure of hearing the new Driver Friendly album, Bury A Dream, and it was well worth the wait. It doesn't just pick up where the last record left off, but it improves upon the ska-but-not formula by leaps and bounds. Look for it this April. Also, as I predicted in the Most Anticipated feature, the new Dr. Dog record is a worthy follow-up to 2010's Shame, Shame. Finally, seeing The Dangerous Summer live this week had me gorging on all of their fantastic tunes. Apparently D stands for Delightful!

Deborah RemusI recommend City and Colour as well, mostly because I had the chance to see Dallas perform this week. Go see him if he plays in your city.

Sean RizzoEveryone listen to Mint Julep. I was playing their album constantly all day yesterday.

Dan CiTi 02/05/12 11:12 AM


hienz429 02/05/12 11:13 AM

Hit The Lights- Invicta
Gotye- Making Mirrors

iheartmusic043 02/05/12 11:23 AM

Gotye's album is so good! I was worried that "Somebody That I Used to Know" was going to be the only good song on that album, but boy was I wrong. Also, the new HTL is pretty good, though some songs are worth skipping.

gjpinizz 02/05/12 11:38 AM

been trying to get into this

JTHomeslice 02/05/12 11:42 AM

I recommend you all watch this if you haven't already.

nashiscash1324 02/05/12 11:43 AM

Jesús Adrián Romero - El Brillo De Mis Ojos
Fun. - We Are Young (so stoked for this album)
The Graduate - Anhedonia

InaGreendase 02/05/12 11:55 AM

The.Grim 02/05/12 11:57 AM

This Gotye album is indeed very great.

Sawhney[rusted] 02/05/12 12:00 PM

Holy crap that Zelliack EP is amazing...been listened to it 7 times already and i just found it yesterday...

Jason Tate 02/05/12 12:00 PM

Looking at album covers where I can't read the text ... makes checking some of these out difficult. Some bands need art directors.

iakovosjam 02/05/12 12:06 PM

That Dum Dum Girls album is good. I've been listening to Jenny Owen Youngs in preparation for her new album dropping Tuesday. I'm cautiously excited for the new fun. too.

brook183 02/05/12 12:08 PM

StepsInADance 02/05/12 12:11 PM

Jeff_Ryan 02/05/12 12:11 PM

Lovedrug - "Pretend You're Alive"

Fiona Apple - "When The Pawn..."

Tearjerker - "Rare"

The Twilight Sad - "No One Can Ever Know"

M.I.A. - "Bad Girls (Single)"