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Kyle Huntington 02/06/12 08:41 AM

Dustin Kensrue Plays New Song
Watch Dustin Kensrue (Thrice) play a brand new solo song titled "Of Crows and Crowns" live in the replies.

Submitted by suprefan

Kyle Huntington 02/06/12 08:41 AM

ole4b 02/06/12 08:47 AM

homina homina homina

tottivillarossi 02/06/12 08:49 AM

Hate to use an adjective like this because it has become almost meaningless, but this is sincerely gorgeous.

brook183 02/06/12 08:50 AM

This is way too good. Holy shit.


Oh when you kiss me, I am lost
Or is it that I'm found?
My feet send roots beneath the rocks
To fix me to the ground
Never to float away again
A captive to the tide

Josh20426 02/06/12 08:51 AM

This is fantastic!

Crackbaby 02/06/12 08:54 AM

Wow this is beautiful.

Time Bomb Clock 02/06/12 09:05 AM

Was at this show, it was awesome! Well, aside from the terrible crowd who seemed to have no interest in any of the performers except Anthony Raneri.

irthesteve 02/06/12 09:14 AM

I was standing right behind this guy filming, haha. Saw his b/w camera and thought it was kinda cool. He also filmed the Tom Waits cover right after

runningohfive 02/06/12 09:31 AM

That was a good song.

SoundwaveUproar 02/06/12 09:32 AM

this man can do no wrong

crutchfield 02/06/12 09:40 AM

Wow. Thats just a beautiful song.

epaynedds 02/06/12 09:56 AM

Beautiful song/lyrics. I really hope there's a new solo album in the near future.

t00latef0rr0ses 02/06/12 10:13 AM

Ohaidere 02/06/12 10:15 AM

At least he's going to make more solo music.