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Jason Tate 02/07/12 10:06 AM

Fireworks Playing Warped Tour + New Music
Fireworks will be playing Warped Tour this year, and hope to release a new EP.

COREhorizon 02/07/12 10:08 AM

Wow, I really have to go this year

But I doubt Fireworks will be playing at my date

bladerdude360 02/07/12 10:10 AM

I'd like to see Fireworks again.

Caleb Cabrera 02/07/12 10:12 AM

I hope this is their year to breakout. Dudes deserve it.

rollerman4221 02/07/12 10:13 AM

yay ep

DrewDouglas 02/07/12 10:18 AM

Better play Chicago.

llluminate 02/07/12 10:19 AM

It's times like these I wish I knew how to post a .gif.

It's too hard to adequately express my excitement.

AnthonyBTT 02/07/12 10:21 AM

Keeps getting better!

Ryan Dennehy 02/07/12 10:25 AM

Definitely going now, and can't wait to hear the EP.

cwhit412 02/07/12 10:26 AM

If they don't play my date, you don't know how pissed I'm going to be. The first band that's been announced that I can call a "must see".

hiya 02/07/12 10:26 AM


Ryan Dennehy 02/07/12 10:30 AM

Also, "a few side shows with FYS"? Seems like FYS playing Warped is getting closer and closer to being confirmed.

Coverbydesign 02/07/12 10:34 AM

hmm if they are at the Chicago date I guess I will have to go. Seems like there are so many good bands I would like to see at this years warped tour

saveferris 02/07/12 10:42 AM

oh my god oh my god oh my god. I'm praying they come to VA beach.

iseejosh 02/07/12 10:49 AM

This years warped is already worth going to. Ill be at the West Palm and Orlando dates. And this is before hearing the headliners.