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Alex DiVincenzo 02/07/12 02:56 PM

Taproot Announce New Album
Taproot will release their sixth full-length album, The Episodes, on April 10 via Victory Records. Pre-order it here.

Alex DiVincenzo 02/07/12 02:57 PM

Wings That Work 02/07/12 03:09 PM

This song is a poem to myself

Chemical Love 02/07/12 03:10 PM

I loved their first two albums.

anthonydarko 02/07/12 03:20 PM


Posthardcore 02/07/12 03:24 PM


danielakabigd 02/07/12 03:26 PM


Originally Posted by Wings That Work (Post 102606192)
This song is a poem to myself

Haha well said. The only song that matters <3 RIP teenage years

t00latef0rr0ses 02/07/12 03:26 PM

why do they keep making music?

seasidekeys 02/07/12 03:34 PM

I'll admit I liked Welcome. "Like" and "Art" are great songs. Nothing else did it for me though, especially recently.

t00latef0rr0ses 02/07/12 03:36 PM

The album artwork is fantastic. its not cliche at all.

Hagysaurus Rex 02/07/12 04:00 PM

Not gonna lie, I'm gonna check this out. I wore out my copies of Upon Us, Welcome, and Gift back in the day. I can't say I've kept up with them since but it's good they're still making music. I always thought they were a little better than their rap-rock peers.

skrillzzz1109 02/07/12 04:02 PM

Jesus, just give it up already. I hate to be "that guy", but unless this is the long awaited "Gift pt 2", I couldn't care less about this band.

Most diappointing band ever since their first album.

irthesteve 02/07/12 04:07 PM

They are on Victory?

Ohaidere 02/07/12 04:20 PM

I will check it out, but more than likely going to be disappointing.

WeltallAY 02/07/12 04:23 PM

Gift and Welcome are pure classics from my childhood (alongside Adema's self-titled and others). However, even though their new material may be good I can't see myself ever getting into them again as much as I was back then.