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moronindisguise 02/08/12 06:15 PM

Get well soon....fuck that, get well now! Great progress though

Chemical Love 02/08/12 06:46 PM

That's really great news.

Reyn182 02/08/12 07:59 PM

One of the best news posts on this website in months! (No offense Jason)

Sext Offender 02/08/12 08:32 PM

get well soooooon!

CarouselBoy 02/08/12 08:42 PM

awesome news. It's crazy the improvement he's made

thesollopsist 02/08/12 09:34 PM

Good for him. Hopefully he makes a full recovery.

HogarthHughes 02/08/12 10:36 PM

So incredible. I hope he's able to recover fully, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for Deftones.

AaRoNpUnK 02/09/12 09:47 AM

My band wrote a song that had a riff put in it that was inadvertantly similar to Be Quiet and Drive.....on the same day we heard this wonderful news....before we heard about it....crazy stuff

kbomb001 02/09/12 08:55 PM

So glad to hear this

NotebookMusic 02/27/12 07:10 AM

Beautiful. I'm hoping the best for Chi as these months go by.