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Ann Arbor 02/09/12 06:43 PM

Vendetta Red >>>

Clark 02/09/12 06:43 PM


chrisgrady2002 02/09/12 09:13 PM

not too bad
i thought it was pretty good but not really in the style of what i remember them in. Still a good song though. also they do a key change and it actually sounds good!

matthewisobel 02/10/12 09:34 AM

Good song. Shame they havn't seemed to continue the concept of their previous album before they went on hiatus. I guess I still have Eve 6, Mest and Lit to look forward too.

Castle Builders 02/11/12 09:16 PM

Wait, what is the name of the song I should be listening to? Is it 'backwards'? I don't recognize that from an album. It seems like I'm not the only person confused in finding this "new" song.