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Paul Tao 02/09/12 12:18 PM

Damon Albarn, James Murphy & Andre 3000 Collaborate
Damon Albarn, James Murphy and Andre 3000 will be collaborating for a Converse "Three Artists, One Song" song called "DoYaThing" that will be available on Converse.com on February 23rd.

Paul Tao 02/09/12 12:18 PM

I mean...holy shit.

gonfreaks 02/09/12 12:25 PM

This is a pretty incredible collaboration.

TheRealJohnOC 02/09/12 12:32 PM


harley7733 02/09/12 12:35 PM

Converse really knows how to assemble these collabs. Remeber the Julian Casablancas and Santigold one they did a while back?

Aphasia17 02/09/12 12:50 PM

Damon Albarn is a freaking workhorse. And a genius musician.

Kyle Huntington 02/09/12 12:57 PM

What a fucking great set of artists for a collaboration. This can only be great.

Jack Appleby 02/09/12 01:00 PM

Wow. I've been excited about this just from Gorillaz involvement - had no idea these guys would be part of it.
Converse wins the Fantasy Band Draft.

irthesteve 02/09/12 01:02 PM

should be awesome

ylightflight 02/09/12 01:29 PM

mad stoked

AShannon04 02/09/12 01:41 PM


runningohfive 02/09/12 01:43 PM

That's a great collaboration!

fbrrocks 02/09/12 02:37 PM

sweet gorillaz and andre 3000 me happy

mwheeler1987 02/09/12 02:38 PM

Yes! I love the three artists one song series.

epaynedds 02/09/12 02:47 PM

Release The Plastic Beach B-sides Already!!