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Jack Appleby 02/09/12 04:12 PM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Mount Carmel Editorial + Song Stream.
Most of you know Josh Kirby as that long-haired nuisance playing guitar for Moving Mountains on the band's most recent tour. The man has a solo project called Mount Carmel And The End Of The World, where he records every instrument and releases a new song every week for nearly half a year. I chatted with Josh about his experiment, which ended up turning into a full feature, which you can read here. To commemorate the occasion, Kirby is letting us stream his new track "The Plan" a few days early, which you can hear on in the piece or in the replies.

Jack Appleby 02/09/12 04:12 PM

The Plan

Jack Appleby 02/09/12 04:13 PM

Really enjoyed talking to Josh about this. The guy has great business sense, and I like his tunes quite a bit. This was a fun piece to write.

PirateSkater182 02/09/12 04:16 PM

Does the name of this project have something to do with the Waco, Texas story?

phaynes1 02/09/12 04:32 PM

Killer project and a great dude. Really like the new one.

O'brotherfan47 02/09/12 04:36 PM

All the songs he has released so far are incredible!

nateisbliss 02/09/12 05:03 PM

:thumbup: :thumbup:

John Collins 02/09/12 08:08 PM

i've been buying these songs every week. they're so good!

ihaterobd 02/09/12 09:10 PM

sounds good

SingleDoubt 02/10/12 08:40 AM

he certainly likes his mountains, doesn't he?