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Jake Denning 02/10/12 01:37 PM

Mychildren Mybride Still Ride On Wings Of Integrity
Hit the replies to check out a new song from Mychildren Mybride, titled "On Wings Of Integrity Pt. II"; the band will release their self-titled third album on Solid State Records on March 13th.

Jake Denning 02/10/12 01:37 PM

xsinkshipsx 02/10/12 01:51 PM

for today pt 2

COREhorizon 02/10/12 01:55 PM

Not only is it the same song, but they put out the same album every time.

Solid State at its worst.

Miketheunicycle 02/10/12 02:02 PM


Originally Posted by xsinkshipsx (Post 102798182)
for today pt 2

i don't hear any for today in this

ashtonisfalling 02/10/12 02:05 PM

I do feel this genre is overdone but I think MCMB is a standout band. They continue to push themselves musically and the production on their albums never ceases to amaze me. Great band and even greater guys. Good song, looking forward to the album and I am diggin' the piano!

heyitskyle 02/10/12 02:07 PM

Yikes. What happened to these guys? Unbreakable was a solid album, this is just...bleh.

cubsfan319 02/10/12 02:09 PM

pt one is much better

circletheworld 02/10/12 02:19 PM

remember when this band was myspace famous... good times

Acad08 02/10/12 02:37 PM

Part Two! Awesome, I like it.

JordanKTM 02/10/12 02:39 PM

ride the wings of pestilence

StephenYoung 02/10/12 04:21 PM

What integrity?

inthemidst 02/10/12 04:33 PM

Their last album was a disappointment to me. I'm hoping for redemption on this one.

inthemidst 02/10/12 04:34 PM


Originally Posted by cubsfan319 (Post 102799282)
pt one is much better


danawalker 02/10/12 04:56 PM

time for this band to hang it up..unbreakable was fun but it's time to call 'er a day.