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inthemidst 02/10/12 04:59 PM


Originally Posted by xsinkshipsx (Post 102798182)
for today pt 2

For Today is way better in my opinion, lol.

PirateSkater182 02/10/12 05:32 PM


Originally Posted by circletheworld (Post 102799882)
remember when this band was myspace famous... good times

They stayed at my friends house way back in the day when they toured with Gwen Stacy in maybe like 06 or 07. The singer stayed in my friends room on his computer checking myspace all night. ALL night.

xananomaly 02/10/12 05:50 PM

Haha, xmatthewx man, I still dig these guys though.

OdeToTheSun 02/10/12 06:14 PM

I like them and this song :shrug:
Better than For Today.

Sext Offender 02/10/12 08:14 PM


Originally Posted by COREhorizon (Post 102798442)
Not only is it the same song, but they put out the same album every time.

Solid State at its worst.

pft nowhere as good as the original

way to ruin it's "legacy"

Spencer Control 02/10/12 09:13 PM

Although this is thoroughly unoriginal, it's good at what it is. Always had a soft spot for this band and I imagine this CD won't be any different.

Ashur 02/10/12 11:07 PM

This songs really good, but in my opinion nothing should follow up to On Wings. That song is amazing.

blessthefall89 02/10/12 11:09 PM

i dont know about anyone else but at 2:17 I was expecting "we will soar", not we are the cure.

still a great song though.

Sinkytown 02/11/12 12:23 AM

I liked, but utterly one dimensional mosh-metalcore is a guilty pleasure of mine.

TruthElixirX 02/11/12 12:39 AM

I love this band, but those are some awkward lyrics...

ramomcferno 02/11/12 10:38 AM

I enjoyed the song and love the band. Really good stuff from these dudes! Excited for the new album.

Handraa 02/11/12 01:26 PM

Lyrics are weak.

Mikey18244 02/11/12 09:55 PM


Originally Posted by JordanKTM (Post 102801352)
ride the wings of pestilence

i wish FFTL would get back together

Ryan Gardner 02/11/12 11:43 PM

Sounds like all their other stuff - no progression

danyellxiv 02/12/12 06:54 AM


Originally Posted by Mikey18244 (Post 102861802)
i wish FFTL would get back together

THIS. Although if they included Sonny that would probably be a really awkward and strange sounding reunion at this point.