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Alex DiVincenzo 02/12/12 06:50 AM

Jeff Kummer Releases New Demo
The Early November drummer Jeff Kummer is demoing material for his second solo album. Listen to a demo entitled "Whilwind" here.
From JeffIf there's one thing I've learned..it's to sit on your demos before you go showing them to people. You might hate it tomorrow. On that note, here's something I just recorded!

Alex DiVincenzo 02/12/12 06:51 AM

If you like what you hear, you can listen to a song from his debut album, Your Best Alternative, on his AP.net profile and pick it up on iTunes.

loveisdead 02/12/12 07:21 AM

Meh. More TEN less anything else.

jaredohgren 02/12/12 07:46 AM

would probably be good full band. excited.

formated4tv 02/12/12 08:15 AM

Jeff is one of my favorite people because of the DTR DVD outtakes. I will fully support anything he does.

dough 02/12/12 08:42 AM

probably should have sat on this one a little bit longer

FailureWithinMe 02/12/12 09:11 AM

one of my favorite musicians out there. love everything this guy has touched

nungaray 02/12/12 10:30 AM

sounds a lil like old ten.. they should start taking notes off his solo and incorporate those ideas into ten songs.

hiya 02/12/12 11:12 AM

so glad he's still doing solo music, love Your Best Alternative. This sounds good.

tuneouttunein37 02/12/12 11:31 AM

song sounds awesome

Acad08 02/12/12 11:37 AM

Awesome song!

SuNDaYSTaR 02/12/12 12:08 PM

Good, would love to hear the finished product.

ellie117 02/12/12 12:11 PM

This dude is probably one of my favorite people around.

dandooly 02/12/12 03:52 PM

he should probably stick to drumming.

Merkin 02/12/12 08:30 PM