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DevinDomino 02/12/12 05:14 PM

Ready for the lol-fest 2012!

BornUnderPunches 02/12/12 05:14 PM


Originally Posted by JustinSxE (Post 102896432)

....whose phone # is that?

carcrashofahart 02/12/12 05:14 PM

is justin actually going or no? i'm curious. i have to watch to stan for adele though.

Adam Pfleider 02/12/12 05:14 PM

we really should have a contest for the best GIF tonight. Especially when the Beach Boys are joined by Maroon 5.

Holly HoX! 02/12/12 05:15 PM

Fuck yeah Louie!

audreyLHR 02/12/12 05:16 PM

I feel like winning a Grammy just isn't impressive anymore. It's really grown into a popularity contest.

Although huge props to Bon Iver because that album is gold.

Jason Tate 02/12/12 05:16 PM

never won a grammy: led zeppelin, beach boys, the who, jim hendrix, the kinks, bob marley, grateful dead, queen, chuck berry

won a grammy: baja men, hootie, milli vanilli, michael bolton, britney spears, all-4-one, nelly, skrillex



Jason Tate 02/12/12 05:16 PM


Originally Posted by BornUnderPunches (Post 102896852)
....whose phone # is that?

From First To Lasts' frontman.

Raarzipan 02/12/12 05:17 PM

Who would have thought the guy who was the singer for From First To Last would ever win a grammy, let alone 3 grammy's in one night. Dang.

Who Is Ryan? 02/12/12 05:18 PM

Dis bitch...

BornUnderPunches 02/12/12 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by Jason Tate (Post 102896972)
From First To Lasts' frontman.


blimpcityhero11 02/12/12 05:18 PM

Even though she's not nominated, someone should announce Taylor Swift as winner of Album of the Year to see her explode from surprise.

Who Is Ryan? 02/12/12 05:19 PM


Originally Posted by Jason Tate (Post 102896932)
won a grammy: britney spears

It was for Toxic, deal with it

thesinkingship 02/12/12 05:20 PM

The Grammies are shit.

Tyler Vagyler 02/12/12 05:22 PM

Really wish Bon Iver was performing.