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WhoSaidThat? 02/12/12 07:50 PM

NPH >>>>>> Errrrrrrrbody.

Neo Cassady 02/12/12 07:51 PM

Let's go Holocene!

But really, there are a lot of good songs in this category this year.

Matt Chylak 02/12/12 07:51 PM

please give Ye song of the year. please.

Trainsaw 02/12/12 07:51 PM

Wasn't Elton John featured in All of the Lights too?

Matt Chylak 02/12/12 07:51 PM

please keep it away from Bruno Mars. please.

Drew Beringer 02/12/12 07:51 PM



drewbaldy 02/12/12 07:51 PM

I'm torn between Kanye and Mumford and Bon for this.

longor 02/12/12 07:51 PM

Watch Grammy Awards 2012 live streaming http://bit.ly/yZgb1m

TGinTexas 02/12/12 07:52 PM

Bon Iver Please

thisisadisaster 02/12/12 07:52 PM

kelly clarkson won!

/joke from two hours ago.

zephyrsong12345 02/12/12 07:52 PM

"bawn iver."

mena 02/12/12 07:52 PM

FUCK! Bon Iver should've had that.

sjb2k1 02/12/12 07:52 PM

get to the part where adele sings

Matt Chylak 02/12/12 07:52 PM

that's fair. "Rolling In The Deep" was inescapable last year.

Drew Beringer 02/12/12 07:52 PM

Adele just sounded like this "ajdkjadgkal;kdgja dk;lafjdkl;f!"