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Alex DiVincenzo 02/14/12 04:02 PM

The Black Dahlia Grindhouse
Watch the trailer for The Black Dahlia Murder's video for "Moonlight Equilibrium" in the replies. The full video will premiere next week.

Alex DiVincenzo 02/14/12 04:02 PM

Jason Tate 02/14/12 04:06 PM

Death to trailers!

Rysker6 02/14/12 04:11 PM

\m/ V-Day METAL \m/

Alex DiVincenzo 02/14/12 04:43 PM


Originally Posted by Jason Tate (Post 103035852)
Death to trailers!

They're usually pointless, but this one is styled like a grindhouse-era horror movie so I like it!

ParkwayTom 02/14/12 05:17 PM

One of my all time favortie bands. I'm stoked.

cubine 02/14/12 07:33 PM

one of the best modern death metal bands.

xhmnimx 02/14/12 07:58 PM

Looks cool. I enjoyed their latest album.

codeseven 02/14/12 09:08 PM

I hate trailers too but this was unique. Plus bad ass song. Love it

JordanKTM 02/14/12 09:19 PM

Reminds me of the video for Everything Went Black

tonethehero 02/14/12 10:14 PM

Oh my gentle Jesus... been waiting for this.

Sext Offender 02/15/12 12:56 AM

one of the best metal bands in the scene