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Alex DiVincenzo 02/15/12 10:15 AM

Six More Warped Tour Bands Announced
Born of Osiris, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, Divided By Friday, Motionless In White, Transit and Wax have been added to Warped Tour 2012.

steve187 02/15/12 10:17 AM

yay for transit. motionless in white might be fun to see too if no one else is playing

korncrow85 02/15/12 10:18 AM

Transit...FUCK YES!

TheRealJohnOC 02/15/12 10:18 AM

Good for Transit!

t00latef0rr0ses 02/15/12 10:18 AM

You should keep Transit and delete all the other bands from the update. They dont matter.

atticus18244fss 02/15/12 10:23 AM

Transit. Every week there's been at least one band I want to see. Gonna be a good year for warped.

Dustin Harkins 02/15/12 10:23 AM

I hope the next announcements make me want to go.

guitarguy211 02/15/12 10:24 AM

Divided by Friday is great--hope theyre playing my stop.

schlotty 02/15/12 10:25 AM

Yay for Transit.

Goat01 02/15/12 10:26 AM

again, not a hugely exciting announcement. Yay for Transit, blegh for the rest,

Montauk1222 02/15/12 10:26 AM

Transit yes, I enjoy Chunk no fucks given.

Holly HoX! 02/15/12 10:27 AM

Holy shit. I thought that was that 13 Unlucky Numbers, Spike Jonze, band Wax from California.

Who the fuck.is this poser?

botDs-r 02/15/12 10:28 AM

So many rappers playing Warped this year

Zack Zarrillo 02/15/12 10:29 AM

Warped is great this year.

I would, at this point, see about 10 bands - which is more you can really see in one day. And There are also about 10 more bands people are going to lose it for..so no one should complain

Stephin_DC 02/15/12 10:29 AM

I figured Transit would be on it
If I have some excess time I'd check out Chunk ... that one song is pretty catchy

Overall this year is looking good ... still no headliners either