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thekazeblade 02/17/12 02:07 AM

Berg Sans Nipple, The - Build With Erosion
The Berg Sans Nipple - Build With Erosion
Record Label: Team Love Records
Release Date: March 8, 2011

The Berg Sans Nipple’s third LP, Build With Erosion is a difficult beast to pin down. Boasting an organic electronica sound with almost completely impenetrable lyrics, they certainly have built a sound that is distinct. Trippy is the name of the game, and that point is made clear the moment the album starts. The first track “Change the Shape” sets up the tone of the album excellently, showcasing an ambient sound that is pleasing and relaxed.

However, this relaxed pace and sound is also a drawback for the album in general. Build With Erosion does not have differentiation between its tracks. It lacks contrast between songs and, for the most part, tracks lack any differentiating factors to make them stand out. There are exceptions, mainly in “Dead Dinosaurs Rule the Earth,” with its unique sounding percussions and the ethereal sounding instrumental track “Terroir,” easily the high-point of the album.

That’s not to say Build With Erosion is bad, as this is far from the case. The album is white noise, but the kind that has more of an affect than merely setting the mood of a room. This is an album that evokes a response on a very emotional level; this can easily be attributed to the obvious psychedelic influences from decades long past.

The only lacking spot on the album that can be called out in Build With Erosion is track number eight, “Weatherman” that removes the subtleness of those that proceeded it, feeling a bit rough. However, it does carry with it its own charm that may still attract listeners.
The Berg Sans Nipple have crafted an enigma of an album that does nothing to rise above the crowd, but instead seems to burrow itself within its own little niche. Build With Erosion does nothing to push the medium forward, nor is it an affront. It is there, but with a very unique presence that is very much worth repeat listens.

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