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Deborah Remus 02/19/12 11:46 AM

Billy Talent Update
Billy Talent announced that they will have to cancel their appearance at Groezrock so their drummer can recover from his recent open-heart surgery. They also mentioned a new single will be released soon and their new record should be out in July.

Submitted by Poochemist

whiterussian 02/19/12 11:47 AM

Always the same excuse. Hate it when bands do this.

(sarc mark)

SomedayTheFire 02/19/12 11:52 AM

whaaaaat? open heart surgery. get well soon dude

Miketheunicycle 02/19/12 11:53 AM

wih him the best with his recovery looking forward to seeing these guys hit the road again

ConnorCorruptNJ 02/19/12 11:53 AM

love Billy Talent, would love to see them soon and hope the drummer heals asap.

Deborah Remus 02/19/12 11:54 AM

Yeah, all the best to Aaron. Can't wait to hear what they came up with this time as well, as far as the new record goes.

SuNDaYSTaR 02/19/12 12:03 PM

Hope he gets better. Anybody knows what was his condition, besides MS of course?

Chris Collum 02/19/12 12:20 PM

cowlord 02/19/12 12:53 PM

I still liked some tracks, but III didn't really live up to expectations. Hope there next one brings in.

Hope the dude gets better though.

Joe DeAndrea 02/19/12 12:58 PM

III wasn't my favorite but I'll always love this band.

MJB12 02/19/12 01:40 PM

Billy Talent IV?

deFobbed14yrs 02/19/12 02:19 PM

MS and open heart? jesus

Eraux 02/19/12 03:57 PM

I smell a KickStarter coming soon!

suicidalmoose 02/19/12 06:00 PM

damn, the man can't catch a break. hope it all goes well.

also, too bad it's only in July, I was hoping for the record to be released sooner :(

quizonmyface 02/19/12 06:07 PM

Doesn't their drummer have MS or something?

Sucks anyway, hope he recovers soon. Loved seeing these guys at GIAN when they were, essentially, at their biggest. Really fun band.