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Deborah Remus 02/19/12 11:46 AM

Billy Talent Update
Billy Talent announced that they will have to cancel their appearance at Groezrock so their drummer can recover from his recent open-heart surgery. They also mentioned a new single will be released soon and their new record should be out in July.

Submitted by Poochemist

whiterussian 02/19/12 11:47 AM

Always the same excuse. Hate it when bands do this.

(sarc mark)

SomedayTheFire 02/19/12 11:52 AM

whaaaaat? open heart surgery. get well soon dude

Miketheunicycle 02/19/12 11:53 AM

wih him the best with his recovery looking forward to seeing these guys hit the road again

ConnorCorruptNJ 02/19/12 11:53 AM

love Billy Talent, would love to see them soon and hope the drummer heals asap.

Deborah Remus 02/19/12 11:54 AM

Yeah, all the best to Aaron. Can't wait to hear what they came up with this time as well, as far as the new record goes.

SuNDaYSTaR 02/19/12 12:03 PM

Hope he gets better. Anybody knows what was his condition, besides MS of course?

Chris Collum 02/19/12 12:20 PM

cowlord 02/19/12 12:53 PM

I still liked some tracks, but III didn't really live up to expectations. Hope there next one brings in.

Hope the dude gets better though.

Joe DeAndrea 02/19/12 12:58 PM

III wasn't my favorite but I'll always love this band.

MJB12 02/19/12 01:40 PM

Billy Talent IV?

deFobbed14yrs 02/19/12 02:19 PM

MS and open heart? jesus

Eraux 02/19/12 03:57 PM

I smell a KickStarter coming soon!

suicidalmoose 02/19/12 06:00 PM

damn, the man can't catch a break. hope it all goes well.

also, too bad it's only in July, I was hoping for the record to be released sooner :(

quizonmyface 02/19/12 06:07 PM

Doesn't their drummer have MS or something?

Sucks anyway, hope he recovers soon. Loved seeing these guys at GIAN when they were, essentially, at their biggest. Really fun band.

guill89 02/19/12 06:11 PM

I've heard it's gonna be called Billy Talent X because they saif it's going to be different from the other 3 albums.

Anyways, great band, great dudes. They deserves a lot more recognition in the US.

Poochemist 02/19/12 08:38 PM


Originally Posted by SuNDaYSTaR (Post 103317812)
Hope he gets better. Anybody knows what was his condition, besides MS of course?

He had an aortic valve replacement because he was suffering from a leaky aortic valve. Damn that guy's a trooper.

Hey at least we have a release timeline now!

AlexHuffman 02/20/12 01:06 AM

As someone who had experimental heart surgery to save my life at birth, I always worry about those impacted by heart problems. I hope he gets well soon! I know someone else who is undergoing a heart surgery before doing a big tour this summer, it's crazy to see people around my age struggle with cardiological problems.

Spencer Control 02/20/12 07:55 AM

Open-heart surgery? Geez. Hope he feels better soon.

Deborah Remus 02/20/12 11:39 AM


Originally Posted by Eraux (Post 103330132)
I smell a KickStarter coming soon!

Since he's Canadian, I doubt it.

Christrings 02/20/12 03:29 PM

As long as they still play Download, psyched to hear their new stuff.

Eraux 02/20/12 08:38 PM


Originally Posted by Deborah Remus (Post 103367302)
Since he's Canadian, I doubt it.

... TOTALLY forgot about that wee little fact! Damn, its got to be nice to be Canadian!