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KenneyBN 02/19/12 06:46 PM

Milo (Official Thread)

Anyone here listen to Milo? He dropped his new mixtape "Milo takes Baths" today, and it is awesome. Everyone should check it out. It's FREE too, so no excuses! Here's a video for the first song on it:

You can download all his stuff on his website/ bandcamp:

Also check out his other free mixtape that came out last year I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here, if you haven't already!

NickIsI 02/19/12 08:17 PM

Fuck. Totally thought this was going to be about the vocalist of the Descendents.

mbarney82 02/19/12 10:19 PM


Originally Posted by NickIsI (Post 103345012)
Fuck. Totally thought this was going to be about the vocalist of the Descendents.

hahaha i fell in the same trap too

xJesusFreakx 02/20/12 02:04 AM

Milo Goes to College is a great pop punk album that I don't listen to enough.

I miss my friends' ugly, tiny dog I'd play with back when I went over their house regularly. That dog's name was Milo.

Neither of these have anything to do with this guy. Sorry.

KenneyBN 02/20/12 02:09 AM

Haha wow! People need to check this out, Milo is seriously awesome. I'm pretty surprised nobody else on here has recognized this yet.

Brenden Doyle 02/20/12 06:07 AM

In case you were wondering where the beat was from.

KenneyBN 02/20/12 08:07 PM

Yeah, as far as I know he doesnt do a lot of his own beats, but he's still an awesome rapper.

screamoutmyname 02/20/12 08:23 PM

this milo probably wants to grow up, though. not cool with me.

chipdip18 02/20/12 11:13 PM


KenneyBN 02/20/12 11:45 PM


Originally Posted by chipdip18 (Post 103415742)

I dont listen to much rap, so I dont have much to put in the RIYL sorry. Maybe RIYL: Shad, Safari Al?
Also RIYL a ton of Lord Of The Rings references haha.
I highly recommend downloading his stuff though, if not just giving it a listen on his Bandcamp. He is a great lyricist in my opinion.

EDIT: I think this song really showcases his great lyrics.

EDIT2: and although this song is from his first mixtape, I think i recommend his newest mixtape over it. But definitely check out both.

hotsoftlight 08/24/14 10:49 AM

this dude is incredible and always picks good beats, glad he gets on a lot of iglooghost's stuff. samples warpaint's billie holiday on this