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algae 02/20/12 08:50 PM

In Euphoric Company - People You Remember, People You Forget
In Euphoric Company - People You Remember, People You Forget
Record Label: Self-released
Release Date: August 19, 2011

I was laying there huddled up in my blanket when the heat wasn’t working quite as well as it should have but I felt warmth. Not from some supernatural being but from the song that was playing. The blend of folk and ambient pop allows In Euphoric Company to seamlessly emanate such feelings.

The entire album carries a similar feeling of warm, inviting songs that are deeply layered. Because everything is incredibly lush and just flat out mellow; the instruments are perhaps my favorite part of the album, which is a rare occurrence. There’s plenty of interestinginstrumentation here, varying from simple guitar work to much more intricate arrangements with more unique instruments including glockenspiels and melodicas. The instruments are enough to keep me interested in the album, they tell a story all their own.

But thankfully the vocals never feel intrusive to the sound but instead reinforce the same cozy feeling. The lead vocals come from a male with a deep baritone voice which provides a direct contrast to significantly compliment the instruments. But the backup vocals also play a vital role creating beautiful harmonies throughout the album that you will be singing along with.

The lyrics are not only catchy but feel incredibly personal. Each song feels like it was written not for an album that would eventually be free for anyone to listen to but rather for a single person. “Every dream we’ve ever had written on the lines of our hands.” Despite this, the lyrics are never hard to apply to your own life.

There’s something special about the clean production of the album. With such complex instrumentation, it would have been all too easy for the songs to sound chaotic and disorganized. Thankfully, it does the exact opposite by employing excellent sound separation. The vocals sit at the forefront alongside the bright guitar work while things like the glockenspiel lay just enough in the background to come out clearly but not interrupt. Hearing all the instruments and vocals is effortless, as it should be.

With their debut, In Euphoric Company has created an album that I will not be putting down any time soon. It’s one of those albums that never gets old and only grows better with every listen. With every listen I find a new moment in a song that sticks with me. The way the final track “Life and Times” seems to have the perfect amount of reverb, backup vocals in all the right places, the piano progresses the tempo at a fitting pace and the spoken word comes in the exact amount of hurt in it. Every song follows suit and just seems to be handled with an amount of care and thought that is simply awe-inspiring.

Incredible debut albums can often be seen as a curse rather than a blessing due to the overshadowing of the rest of a band’s career and I hope that this band will be the exception. No one can tell if In Euphoric Company will even exist in a year, but for now, I will continue to listen to this album and stay optimistic about the future. As should you.

Recommended if you like Local Natives, Bon Iver, American Football

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blue_light_888 03/13/12 08:43 AM

three tracks in and this is so chill. love it. thanks for the music.

algae 03/13/12 02:55 PM


Originally Posted by blue_light_888 (Post 104632652)
three tracks in and this is so chill. love it. thanks for the music.

Thanks for reading the review, hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Chucknorris310 03/18/12 09:41 PM

This was an amazing album, i listened to it for about a week straight. please review more bands like this. it was a great find ;)

saulosag 03/31/12 07:38 AM

Such an amazing album :D
what a find, it's like i've been looking for an album like this in my whole life

cut!print 08/30/12 03:58 AM

You've convinced me with this review and the RIYL, marvelous work!