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Jason Tate 02/21/12 11:19 AM

Studio Update from Tilian Pearson
A new Tilian Pearson studio update can be found in the replies.

Submitted by JuneJuly

Jason Tate 02/21/12 11:19 AM

JuneJuly 02/21/12 11:23 AM

I think both clips sound great. Especially the one at the end. Pretty excited for this.

t00latef0rr0ses 02/21/12 11:29 AM

dude's voice is pretty stellar. excited for this.

NateFoundGlory 02/21/12 11:46 AM

Love Tillian, this should be pretty cool.

CoheedForever 02/21/12 11:58 AM

This record should be pretty good. Love the clips so far.

jon. 02/21/12 12:09 PM

Really like his voice. Will definitely be checking this out.

mvacare23 02/21/12 12:31 PM

these clips are awesome.

Beej 347 02/21/12 12:50 PM

so no saosin? whatever, his solo stuff sounds promising.

Symphonicaxiom 02/21/12 12:52 PM

Looking forward to this

justbradley 02/21/12 12:52 PM

I'm really excited for Tilian's solo stuff. From the demos he's released so far, it sounds brilliant.

Sheluligans 02/21/12 12:57 PM

Sounds like it will be fun and catchy. Looking forward to it.

Dirge07 02/21/12 01:54 PM

The clips sound pretty damn tasty. Stoked!

woominlee2 02/21/12 02:22 PM

Really excited.

Rysker6 02/21/12 02:33 PM

Sounds better than that Saosin demo from awhile ago.