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Dre Okorley 02/21/12 01:50 PM

ABSOLUTExclusive: No Trigger
Head to No Trigger's AP Profile for an exclusive stream of Tycoon, which was released today on No Sleep Records. If you're into upbeat melodic hardcore punk with poppy hooks, make sure to support the band and purchase the record. You can also check out my recent album review and interview.

Dre Okorley 02/21/12 01:52 PM

Lueda Alia 02/21/12 02:08 PM

Nice feature!

Bongi5788 02/21/12 02:09 PM

No one does it like our state. MASS REPRESENT!

AReiss 02/21/12 02:17 PM

Holy shit, New Brains into Permanent is the highlight so far. This is living up to my expectations, which were pretty fucking high.

Alex DiVincenzo 02/21/12 02:21 PM


Jake Jenkins 02/21/12 03:04 PM

Pretty much tied with fun. for my AOTY right now

_veges_ 02/21/12 03:50 PM

Such a great record

uglystar03 02/21/12 04:00 PM

I just finished my first spin, and it is a great album.

KenneyBN 02/21/12 04:08 PM

About to listen to it for the first time, I'm excited.

roche 02/21/12 06:13 PM

Mountaineer is the best.

kazuma_ootaro28 02/21/12 06:27 PM

"Permanent" is kicking all sorts of ass. This is great. Thinking about whether to get this on 12" or CD (would be a fun album to blast in the car).

CBKRP 02/21/12 07:22 PM

Sadly my copy isnt getting shipped till tomorrow, Im sure it will be worth the wait!

MJSchmidt 02/21/12 07:55 PM

Really, really good album. Tied with Chasm for my AOTY at this point.

cassidydalton 02/21/12 08:37 PM

album is tight!