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Jason Tate 02/22/12 11:15 AM

New MxPx Single Clip for "Far Away"
Amazon has posted the artwork and a preview of MxPx's new song "Far Away" from their upcoming album Plans Within Plans due out April 3th. The single will be released on February 28th.

Submitted by nick19

ThaRealNC 02/22/12 11:38 AM

Woah. Sweet. Sounds great!

Fox83 02/22/12 12:05 PM

Sounds like a proper continuation of "Secret Weapon" so far. Hopefully it's a solid step forward.

PlanetDahmz 02/22/12 12:45 PM

Sounds great, so glad they're still making new music.

golferpunk1 02/22/12 12:46 PM

You can hear the full song at the end of their documentary. It is an AWESOME song. Can't wait for the new album.

Crackbaby 02/22/12 01:00 PM

Artwork for the album is fucking awesome.

SatelliteWings 02/22/12 01:43 PM

Good band, always fun to listen to.

ilovesofie 02/22/12 01:54 PM

You can hear the full song on Spotify and it's awesome. I have so much respect for this band.

pillbox remedy 02/22/12 02:05 PM

wow, can't wait! :)

mattyrocks 02/22/12 02:06 PM

damn sounds good.

Alexx Miller 02/22/12 03:35 PM

Sounds fantastic!

insertmoniker47 02/22/12 05:36 PM

irememberhallow 02/24/12 11:22 AM

Love the album cover! Has that gnarly old school feeling. The song is awesome. Definitely still has that feel to it.