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Jason Tate 02/22/12 11:23 AM

More Bands Added to Warped Tour
Breathe Carolina, You Me At Six, Fireworks, Hostage Calm, I Call Fives, and Matt Toka have all been added to Warped Tour this year.

schlotty 02/22/12 11:24 AM

I'll definitely be trying to see Fireworks.

Avalanche1 02/22/12 11:25 AM

Holy shit. Fireworks and ICF added to an already awesome lineup. Definitely going. Can't wait to hear who the headliners are.

Ryan Dennehy 02/22/12 11:25 AM

So awesome for HC. I hope they blow up this year.

Zack Zarrillo 02/22/12 11:26 AM

Probably their best single announcement of the year so far. Stoked for Fireworks, I Call Fives, and Hostage Calm

Searos 02/22/12 11:29 AM

You Me At Six are great live. Saw them on warped in 2010. Their last CD was a bit hit and miss but still good. I am down to see them again. Them and I Call Fives excite me from this announcement.

CrewysLane 02/22/12 11:30 AM

MORE POP PUNK YES! but seriously im going this year.

punchlinekid182 02/22/12 11:33 AM


t00latef0rr0ses 02/22/12 11:33 AM

fireworks is the tits.

FourStarters 02/22/12 11:37 AM

I Am The Avalanche, Fireworks, Transit, Hostage Calm, Make Do & Mend, Man Overboard, A Loss For Words, Bayside, I Call Fives, Living With Lions, Polar Bear Club, Title Fight, Taking Back Sunday, and the rumored New Found Glory.

Not a bad year so far.

TheRealJohnOC 02/22/12 11:39 AM

Not a bad announcement. I wonder if Hostage Calm is on the whole tour?

untitled94 02/22/12 11:41 AM

Stoked Fireworks and Hostage Calm are added as well. I think the tour is going to be great, cannot wait.

wall e 02/22/12 11:41 AM

HOSTAGE CALM. Worth going

Co and Ca 02/22/12 11:42 AM

yup, more shitty bands.

Montauk1222 02/22/12 11:42 AM

this years lineup is pretty fucking solid